Welcome to the Jogler Lab!

We have an organismic focus on the maverick Planctomycetes. These bacteria could be found anywhere but reach highest abundance on the surfaces of phototrophs in aquatic habitats. Employing multiple methods we study their ecology, cell biology and their secondary metabolism. However, why studying Planctomycetes?


Planctomycetes are interesting for several reasons:


i) They comprise a fascinating cell biology involving complex membrane systems and unusual endocytosis like uptake mechanisms for macromolecules. 

ii) Planctomycetes are major players in global C- and N-cycles and as such of great environmentally importance. 

iii) Planctomycetes are of great biotechnological relevance.

iv) They are beautiful organisms and fun to study.


The research section of this website provides further information about the questions we ask and how we contributed to the planctomycetal research thus far. Currently the lab is situated at the DSMZ in Braunschweig, Germany (www.dsmz.de). Feel free to contact us, either for general information, collaborations or job applications. There is always a bench waiting for motivated students or postdoctoral fellows that are willing to apply for a fellowship.